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Origin of the Holy Holiday

It is said that the mountain was the soul of the emperor Suiko, a southern spring that springed out from the ground, at that time, Gold Ryu got down from heaven and went around the mountain and guarded it.
In the summer of six years from now, when the region suffered a major drought, eleven facies Kannon Bosatsu opened the sadness and became the appearance of the sacred joyous comedy (Daijyo kenshin) and entered this mountain I was saved the people who suffered. It is said that this is the origin of the holy weather was settled in the mountain.

Seiten faith

The spirit of the saint you in this mountain The wonderful thing is widely known from old days.
The holy wearer whose mainland Buddha is the eleven-sided Kannon Bodhisattva is the God of the heavens that guards the Buddhism and guards the people who do the Buddhist altar, but if we save our sentient sentiments and save our wishes I have great power to make it come true.

Bathing oil prayer

In bathing oil prayers, the best prayer method of sacrifice sacrifice is missing every morning in Mainland and is being remodeled. If you apply for prayer, the actor made a mistake seven days.

>What is bath oil prayer

Radish with purse and purse

Drawstring papers and radishes, which are marked in various places in the precincts, briefly show the benefits that can be gained by praying with faith.
Radish stands for the body to be strong, to fulfill the good marriage, to represent the merit of fellow couple getting along well with the harmony of the family forever.
Drawstring is a treasure to represent business prosperity, and it was shown that the benefit of faith of the saint is great.
You can see the symbols of radish and purse sticks around the precincts.

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