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 The Ohtori Shrine, known at the festival of Rooster, known for the Castle, specializes in Old Man . A shrine representing Edo downtown, it is said that the fortune-telling, business trading Shochang, household luck Takashiro, child rearing, career advancement is deep, it is called “Otorisama”, and has long been respected by the people of the Edo downtown from ancient times.

Although it is not silly about the founding of the Ohtori Shrine, the piano sunrise wisdom of the God of God is known as the god of fosterage which has cultivated the country by cultivating the countries.
When Amaterasu Great Mamma was hiding in Iwato in heaven, when Tianyuu Tomoe (Momoto of Amenozume) danced in front of Iwato, I could play strings of instruments. When the father God of life, Heavenly Hand Men’s (Mr. Tomo Tomo) celebrates Iwato, the eagle came flying away from anywhere on the tip of that string. Eight million gods watching over the situation with bruising spirit are said to be Rui Shoto (a good sign) to brighten the world, put a letter of the eagle and called “Sunayashi Washi” .
And Tianyin Earthquake was settled here as a fortune, pioneering god of love.

Cocktail barbie
Japan Taketoshi (Yamatotaru Mikoto), another pillar of the god of deity, later returned to the East, the days when we had a rake on our pine and asked for a winning battle was just the November Rooster Day As a result, a festival to celebrate God will be held on that day, and that is the beginning of the Cocktail Market.

After that the Fukutoku of the god of deity increased more and more in the world, and in the Edo era it received the dignity of the people of the downtown, especially the festival of the November Rooster Day gathering a lot of young and old gentlemen wishing prayers in the precincts, I showed you. Today, today, Takashiro of Cocktail Market has plenty of taste of the atmosphere of Edo Shimocho. And in the city of Cockatoo there is a rake as a lucky rake.
Anyway, the festival of Eagle Shrine (Rooster City) is extremely popular, and the festival that begins with the sign of the drumming beating at the morning of Rooster Day in the morning is overflowing with the Edo child’s story over the day.


People and people who wish to seek the Fukutoku of the god of deity and the downtown feeling of the festival are also handed down to many literary works by prominent literary artists such as Higuchi Kazuaki, Hirozu Yanagi, Masaoka Kanoko, Okamoto Kanoko, Kubota Mantaro etc. It is written and Edo (Tokyo) enters winter, with Tokono-shi being the border.

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