Yoshihara Shrine Asakusa sightseeing seven gods Benzaiten


Yoshiwara Shrine is a place of shrine,Benzaiten

Yoshihara your deity of the shrine is a Inari God in Kleine Tamashiinochi (ukanomitama of Mikoto) to be Benten like Shikine Shimahime life (Ichiki Shimahime of Mikoto), good luck, business Hanjo, such as arts progress This is a virtue.
1617 years, by the life of the Tokugawa shogunate, prostitute shop that had been scattered in the middle Edo City around has been integrated as Kuruwa per Nihonbashi reeds town. This is “Edo former Yoshihara”.
Then, 1657 (1655) ordered the transfer after Senzoku village of the year of the Great Fire, there to the newly-built for will be referred to as the “New Yoshiwara”.
New Yoshiwara GenIsao that has been enshrined since ancient times to the red-light district (Yoshitoku) Inari company, it Enomoto Inari, Inc., a guardian deity of Kuruwanai four corners, Akashi Inari company, good luck Inari company, we have been nine Akira assistant Inari company is enshrined It was.
This five companies were to be religiously dedicated in the year of Meiji 5, and it was founded as “Yoshihara Shrine”. The history of Yoshiwara Shrine has been folded back with that of Shin Yoshiwara Amakusa, and has long been revered as a god of criminal defense.
Five companies old also founded nine Akira assistant Inari company among the, same 4 (711) years sum, that has been Emotion in the land of the original Yoshihara in the hand of man that Chiba Kyurosuke seen a white fox black fox that descend from heaven It is said to be the beginning. As a result of the relocation to Sutadu village of Kuroba, it was requested again to the land of Asakusa Shinyoshihara.
Rich in legends and anecdotes Among God in Kuruwa, prostitute, viewed from the Yukaku, good luck, marriage, collect the colorful faith as God with divine favor of business Hanjo, Such appeared often in Edo of small story collection doing.

At the festival of the Edo era, it was crowded with a row line of Kaikaku, Taejo (the one with the highest grade among the prostitutes) and improvisation play “Ninwa Ga (Suka)”, but now it is crowded with the Greenouen Botenkokuhonten “Flower Yoshiwara Historical Monument” built in the precincts is slightly talking about the past.
 Princess Ichinoshigoshima (Benzaiten) was enshrined in the Benten pond made by the land construction of the outskirts, and was added to the guardian deity of the guard after the Great Kanto Earthquake. That face is an image of purity like girls and a gentle and beautiful faceted face, a form of salvation that cleanses and envelops women’s love and suffering.
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