New rice festival in Asakusa September 24, 2017

Rice · NOUVEAU in Asakusa
Date and time: September 24, 2017 (Sunday) 10:30 am as soon as it runs out of stock
Place: in the precincts of Asakusa Shrine

We will sell the new rice of Koshihikari from Minami Uonuma at a special price ahead of the whole country.

It will be held at Garapon Lottery 1 time \ 1000.
1 etc, 2 kg of Koshihikari from Minamionuma
2 etc, 1 kg of Koshihikari from Minamionuma
3 etc.: Koshihikari 1 from Minamionuma

Asakusa and Rikkaicho started interchanging at the edge of the location of the NHK continuous television novel "Kokoro" in 2003.
That is why we hold annual Koshihikari rice noodle in Asakusa from Minami Uonuma.

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