9th Danjuro Ichikawa “Shibaraku” Restoration Commemoration Crying Sumo Saturday…


Date and time
April 22nd (Sat) Rainy weather postponed April 23rd (Sun)
'The postponement announcement will be announced on April 21 (Friday) on our website.We do not make individual phone calls.'

"Jaku" bronze statue memorial service 10:45

Part 1 = 10:15 ~
Part 2 = 13:30 ~

Initiative start
Part 1 11:10-12:45
Part 2: 14:25-16:00

Special stage in front of the "Shibaraku" bronze statue in the back plaza of Asakusa Kannon Main Hall
Sponsored "nobori" set up around Kannonura Square

Corona measures
This year, as a measure against coronavirus, please ask your father or mother (family) to play a role (not in a mawashi style).


Recruitment method: Asakusa Tourism Federation website "365 ASAKUSA" = Pre-registration in February
Taito Ward's PR "Taito" = March 5 issue scheduled to be published

Application period March 31 (Friday) Must arrive Please apply by return postcard.(If there are many applicants, a lottery will be held)
Address: Asakusa Tourism Federation
Address: 3rd floor, 1-34-7 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Recruitment number: 160 people

Qualifications: Children born in the previous year (However, children born in 2021 are also acceptable if requested)

Membership fee 15,000 yen per child

Souvenirs    Child-rearing prayer amulets, crying sumo special mawashi, chimaki, etc.

Competition method First enter the ring in the east and west, parents (family members) holding the childcircles around the ring, bows to the ring, and descends.At that time, the referee sits in the center of the ring with the strategist on his side.
Parents called to the summons went up to the stage from both sides of the stage,In the role of a sumo referee, a child is held in his arms and advanced to the center of the ring.
In the voice of the referee, "Match, match,"Both parents see their children.
In "Hakkeyoi no kota", the referee summons,The Kumimase role uses various techniques to try to make her cry.This summons, the gesture of the assembler is interesting.
(The referee/summoner wears the same costume as sumo wrestlers.)
The child who cries first wins, and leaves after being declared the winner.
However, both souvenirs are the same.

A parent's desire to raise a strong and healthy child is an eternal desire.
The "Shibaraku" bronze statue of Ichikawa Danjuro IX, which was restored behind Sensoji Temple in 1986, is a child named Kamakura Gongoro with bangs and a dynamic and powerful child whose "line" uses children's words. .
The Asakusa Tourism Federation held the first "Naki Sumo" in front of this "Shibaraku" statue in 1991, and it was very well received. We will hold an event called "Naki Sumo" to fulfill the wishes of parents who want their children to grow up healthy.
Every year, we ask the students of the sumo club to wear a mawashi costume and play the role of the baby. ), and we decided to do it after thoroughly implementing other corona measures.


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