9th Danjuro Ichikawa “Temporary” Restoration Memorial “Nakizu…

暫 三大関

How to apply Please send a round-trip postcard with your address, name (furigana), date of birth, gender, telephone number, and email address on the back of the message.

Application deadline Reiwa April 7, 3

Destination: 1-34-7 Asakusa, Taito-ku, 111-0032, Inoue Building, 3rd floor

Inquiries: Asakusa Tourism Federation ☎ (3844) 1221
Lottery if there are many applicants
Number of applicants
100 children born in 2019
100 children born in 2020

Qualification requirements
Children born in 2019/2020

Membership fee 6,000 yen per child
Photo data handed over by e-mail (please enter your e-mail address when applying)

* For those who wish to deliver other than email, 2L version will be mailed. Additional charge ¥ 500

Souvenirs, amulets for childcare prayers, crying sumo wrestling, etc.

Shooting method Participants, parents and family line up in front of the temporary statue, and on both sides of it, the Sumo Association

Active Ozeki borrowed from Kokugikan with kindness "Takakeisho Seki / Masayo Seki /

Photographed with life-sized photo panels and events of Asanoyama Seki's three major Seki.


Parents' desire to have strong and healthy children grow up is an eternal desire.
The 9th generation Danjuro Ichikawa's "temporary" bronze statue, restored in 1986 behind Sensoji Temple, is a child with a bangs called Gongoro Kamakura, and is a dynamic and powerful child whose children's words are also used in "Serifu". ..The Asakusa Tourism Federation held the first "Nakizumo" in front of this "temporary" bronze statue in 1991, and has been very well received.

Unfortunately, due to the new Corona disaster, it was canceled in April last year, and considering the current situation this year as well, I think that we have to give up the implementation as usual.

However, for babies, it is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and when we hear that people who are already parents keep a picture of their "Nakizumo" carefully, it somehow changes its shape. I would like to do it even if it is.

Therefore, this year, we will not hold the student sumo wrestling as a team member, avoid having them gather at once, and set a time lag with the three active life-size photo panels borrowed from the Gyoji and Kokugikan. I wanted to take a commemorative photo together and create a place where I could at least bring it as a memorial.

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Day and time
Saturday, April 24, 3rd year of Reiwa
(Target babies born in 2019) * If it rains on 4/24, May 1st (Sat)

April 25, 3rd year of Reiwa (Sun)
(Target babies born in 2020) * If it rains on 4/25, May 2 (Sun)

Meeting place Asakusa Kannon main hall back square "temporary" bronze statue front special shooting venue
If it rains on May 1st and May 2nd (postponed date), it will be canceled.
Infection control
Mail the physical condition checklist in advance.* Enter your name, address, contact information, and physical condition on the checklist.
All participants will answer the checklist and bring it to the reception.
At the reception, measure the temperature and disinfect with alcohol.
Wear a mask.
The maximum number of family members is 7 (basic).
In the vicinity of the temporary bronze statue, in the back plaza of the main hall of Sensoji Temple, the area around the participating families and related parties will be separated from the general public.

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