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Asakusa Shrine (Three companies)

The history of Asakusa Shrine


It was about March 18th, the Emperor Suiko in the 36th year.

The fishermen Hikaku Maehama Hamasaki and Takemizu brothers were precisely fishing at the Sumidagawa river, but on that day only one image of a humanoid was hitting the net without a single fishing. Ikutabi or throw away the image in the water, because only the image of wonder and human type takes to be hit the net by changing the number of times location, the last to be wondered brothers, from the Komagata now by holding up the statues I landed and settled in a stump of Sophora (Enji). And, at that time, to talk about the events of this day to the Tomo Manaka Haji was a local of the man of culture, was beg first glance, Mr. Haji, it Korezo is a conceptual heart Futsutai of devotion even himself in the statues of St. Kannon I told my brothers and explain everything about merit and performance.

Brothers know that it is a worldly interests Buddha for the first time hear Kannon, is somehow two people was held faith, chanting Myogo remembrance deeply Kannon, “if we are fishermen, is lost fishing life of the day Because of those who are also troubled, please give me a great hunger tomorrow. ”

I was able to get a big catch like a wish by again hitting the net on the next ninth day.
Tsubasa Makoto sensei soon shaved and became a priest, once again as a temple once again as a temple, dedicated his life to the edification of the people of the township while serving as a servant of Kannon, the former servant. This is the origin of Asakusa Temple.

After died of Tomo Manaka Haji, it has been to be the beginning of a response to the tell shortly dream the son of bodhisattva, the three companies Gongen and referred to was dedicated to the three people as God is three companies Gongen Inc. (Asakusa Shrine) .

Founded and due to this is the fact that the old days of about thousand three hundred and fifty years to leave now, but this is like a little unreasonable, subsequent to Gongen idea from the peace of late over the Kamakura began to fashion, the three Mr. It is presumed that descendants would have been worshiped as a local god who contributed greatly to the development of Asakusa by Takato.
It was strangely separated from the Asakusa Temple by the order of separation of the Buddha and Buddha of the Meiji Restoration, and it was revised as Mitsui Shrine Company in the first Meiji era, and it reaches the current name in the same year in the same year.

It is still Asakusa Shrine which is still popular as “Three Company”, but it is said that it was originally preserving the three gods。

shrine god

At Asakusa ShrineEbisu Godare enshrined.


Asakusa shrine

〒 111-0032
2-3-1 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-3844-1575
FAX: 03-3841-2020

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