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  The Immut Institute (Hashiba Fudo Treasury), which is a place of dedication of Hotei Tadashi , is the first high-ranked Longevity of the high priest Ryo Ben priest who was committed to building Nara Todaiji in 750 Tenpyo Treasure Kosho) It was retired by the superior. Originally it was a prime minister, but in 1163 he changed the sect in Tendai sect by occasional priesthood circle (one circle for one title), and after Kamakura became the temple of Asakusa Temple, It is now the last temple of Hiezan Enryakuji.

In the Edo era, we gathered the samurai’s respects including the neighboring Sanjo-ko, Arima, Ikeda Bizen and others, the Taika at the end of the Meiji era, the Great Kanto Earthquake, and the Showa 20 Even during the Tokyo Air Raid in May, only one corner of the Hashidate centered on the Immorinate has escaped disasters, so it is widely believed by the common people as an immortal Hashiba immobility.
The main hall today is constructed in Hiroshi 2 (1845), keeping the architectural style of the Edo era while Kodo, beautiful, simple and sturdy.

 Fudo ‘s Fudo Kagemusha is the one of the three trees immovable as one of the three trees while Ryo Shozo is reprimanded at the Aizu Temple in Aizhou Daisyu (a law that carries out prayers for the nation or individual), a secret immovable immovable statue Although it can not be worshiped, although it can not be worshiped, Fudoemei (work of the Kamakura period) as the principal of your prince has paid the disaster of the world with the power to press down the area, has been long respected by Edo citizens for a long time.

Statue of Fudo
 The statue of the Imperial House is transmitted from the time of the Edo period, there is no bag on the shoulder, the stomach is a rare thing that has a shape instead of a bag. It is a figure like a cloth bag itself that gives a great measure, a blessing of a clean and correct action, and has been respected by the Edo people since ancient times.
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