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 At Yaginjin Shrine, we are shaving Fukurokuzu .
1642 November 23, for kneading formation of the third shogun Iemitsu Tokugawa the Duke of safety prayer as well as the martial arts of the state of peace and civil time, erected a Sanjusangendo in the land of the Edo Asakusa Did.
In Sanjusangen-do, “Through arrow” was done for the bow shoot technique training. Toshiya becomes the honor as a samurai there to be able to Keigaku the dough if you win in our predecessors, it seems to have great vogue. This Arashiya was also allowed to be seen by Edo citizens, and it got a reputation.
And Emotion Inari Daimyojin as guardian of the erected was this temple following the Kyoto Sanjusangendo, was named the “arrow head Inari” because the place had been hit just basis of the above. It is about 360 years ago from now.
The god of deity enshrines the wisdom wisdom of Mr. Oshima. Object of worship is donated by Uenohigashi Hieizan Kan’ei-ji of its merciful eye (Jigen) Daishi (Daisojo Amami), “Gofunai temples remarks.” According to have load the rice and the type of the old man in “wooden, 7 cun 8 minutes , Kobo Daishi Daishaku “has become.

Since its foundation, its foundation, academic, to the divine virtues of fulfillment and the fortunes of war Nagahisa of virtue, were all excited the reverence samurai, regardless of the townspeople.
However, about 60 years later, in 1698 September 6, Asakusa will be destroyed by the great fire around the, but is more of Sanjusangendo I have been ordered to transfer to Shenzhen, the guardian Our company was allowed to rebuild as the local god of residence at the desire of the townspeople of the heart of faith.
Since then the Great Kanto Earthquake, Tokyo air raid, but I met the difficulty of many, etc., both to slip through the flame has reached the present.

The statue of Yaginjin Shrine is worshiped on the right side of the hall.
It is a symbol of longevity, a white crown of gray hair, a harmonious and well-rounded lucky family, and it is expressing the figure of the person’s highest ideal.
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