Asakusa Nakamise Shopping Street Promotion Association “Wonderful” …

Asakusa Nakamise Shopping Street Promotion Association “Wonderful” without thinking of Japanese emotions

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There are 54 shops in the east side and 35 shops in the west side in the current Nakamise age, totaling 89 stores, the length is about 250 meters, beautiful unified signboard and beautifully decorated signboards and decorations every season shone in the stone pavement, overseas over the Kaminarimon Customers such as from “Wonderful” will be repeated unexpectedly thoughtfully in Japanese emotions.


The history of Nakamise

History From the beginning of Nakamise Nakamise Nakamise Nakamise is one of the oldest shopping streets in Japan. After the Tokugawa Ieyasu opened the Edo shogunate, the population of Edo increased and more visitors to Sensoji temple were crowded, but along with that, people in the prefecture and around the prefecture, which were subject to the cleaning of Asakusadera Temple inside the premises, The privilege of opening store opening was given on the approach path. This is the beginning of Nakamisei, it is said to be around Genroku, Kiho (1688? 1735).
In the Edo era, the shop near Nibyo gate from the Legislative Yuan was called a shop (Yakuta), 20 shops were lined up, Kaminarimono was called a flat store (Hiramisho), and toys, sweets, souvenirs etc. , And gradually the number of shops increased and developed into Monzencho, which has the most form in Japan.
Due to the political change of the Meiji Restoration, the temple shrine was forfeited by the government and the premises of Sensoji temple became the jurisdiction of the Tokyo prefecture, but the government newly created 5 parks in Tokyo, enacted the park law and had all previous privileges Was picked up from Nakamiseyo.
Meiji 18 May (1885) Tokyo prefecture ordered the removal of all the stores of Nakamiseyo, after crying and crying out, a brass warm rich new store was completed in December the same year, the modern Nakamisei was born.


Nakamise after the Taisho Period

Civilization opening, Nakamiseo of red brick which stopped the smell of Meiji was also destroyed by the Great Kanto earthquake of Taisho 12 year old, in the same year as the present reinforced concrete building, reborn as a majestic shopping street of Momoyama style vermillion painted, in 1951 Although the inside was burned down in the war damage all but Nakamise people’s efforts and I reconstructed quickly, In autumn of 1985, in the autumn of 1986, in the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of modern Nakamiseyo, I carried out renovation of the illuminated signboard and replacement of the approach road paving stones In addition, we celebrated with variety of occasions.
In addition, in April 1989, under the guidance of Professor Ikuo Hirayama of Tokyo University of the Arts, the group described Asakusa’s yearly things as a shutter of all stores entitled “Asakusa Picture Scroll”. In November 1992, refurbishment of buildings and refurbishment of signboards “Refresh business” was completed.
In cooperation with Tokyo Electric Power Company in two years from October 6, 2006, we also completed “Underground draining of utility pole”, which made Nakamise a refreshing one. And in December 1996, as a shopping street for the first time in Asakusa, we set up a “security camera” on the street, and a letter of appreciation was awarded from the police station.


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