Asakusa Sumida River Lanterns on the river. August 11 , 2018

Date and time: August 11 (Sat)plans Rain scheduling ceremony · Early sinking 18: 30 Lanterns 18: 45 – 20: 00
Place: Azumabashi ~ Nakagobashi along the Sumida River Promenade course Soldering Sumidagawa Azumabashi Water Terrace.

◆ 3. Who will apply at the venue on the day
The reception will start at Sumida Park entrance (before the water bus stop) from 14:00.
It will end as soon as the enclosure disappears.

How to apply for enclosure sinking:
◆ 1. Payment at post office
You can apply by payment handling form of post office.
【Postal Account Symbol · Number】 00130-2-336644
【Subscriber’s name】 Asakusa Tourism Federation
Please fill in the number of the enclosure, address, name, telephone number in the communication field.
After payment is confirmed, we will send you an envelope.
Elephant 1 1,500 yen
Shipping fee will be borne by our Federation.
Please pay the transfer fee by the customer.
Application by postal payment is until July 31.
◆ 2. Directly coming to the Asakusa Tourism Federation until August 10
Download envelope application form
Please click here.(Pdf document)Torou_forme
After filling out the necessary information on the application form, accompany the amount, please bring it to the Asakusa Tourism Federation.
Contact phone: 3844-1221
Those who wish to apply for advance application, please come to our Federation by the day before.
According to the historical records, it was beautifully illuminated by the light of the moon close to the full moon from the beginning, praying for the relief of the accused in the watchful of the people standing in the river bank, flowing along the river side with the voice of prayer wishing for security It was.Sometimes fireworks were launched, fire demonstration and the blowing performance of the Fire and Disaster Management Agency were also held, hundreds of thousands of audiences gathered on both banks, and many foreign tourists such as the United States, Britain, Canada and Germany are also watching , International news coverage was also said to have been done, and it is said that it was a success, “Lantern meeting” is said to be an important special event in summer.

In the spring of 1971, maintenance of the tide ridge was carried out on both banks to prevent storm surge, and at the end of Showa declaration, the tendency to lanterns as such an event has disappeared However, in the 17th year, the Sumida River Water Terrace continued to be continuous and the slope improvement was completed, and furthermore Tokyo was attractive as an attractive urban space internationally, with the goal of Asakusa sightseeing, landscape and migration in the waterside space “Lantern Festival” was also held from the meaning of creating initiatives to create a place of relaxation and crowd and raising attractive contact with the Sumidagawa river.


■ Volunteer staff for enviroment sinking
We are looking for volunteers to be supported on the day.
The content to be supported is assistance for character writing and assembly of the envelope.
The time to help is from 14: 00 to 20: 30.We gather at 13:00, eat lunch box, change to staff T – shirt and move to the site.I can send my own enamel.You can also participate in the launch after the end.


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