Fuji’s Tree Planting City 5/26, 27 6/30, 7/1 2018

ueki3 ueki3 Date and time: 2018 May 26 (Sat), 27 (Sun) June 30 (Sat), July 1 (Sun) place: Asakusa Asama Shrine (around Fuji) around

Implementation event

May 26 (Sat)Demonstration by Professor Kunio Kobayashi, a bonsai treating around the world
① 10: 05 - 11: 35 ② 13: 15 - 14: 45 viewing freeDemonstrated at Yanagidadori


July 1 (Sun)Mini Bonsai workshop by Professor Okamura Toshiyuki
① 11: 00 ~ 12: 30 ② 14: 00-15: 30 Participation free (limited to 25 people per session)Planned at Fuji Park

Okamura Toshiyuki

Manage and train bean bonsai and mini bonsai, work on a number of bonsai classes.It is a bonsai family and specialist of mini bonsai workshop. You can take out the mini bonsai that you made. Scheduled distribution of numbered tickets from 9:00 on the morning of the day

Garapon Lottery

We will give 1 lottery ticket for each purchase of 500 yen or more at Asakusa Kannon Ura Promotion Member Store or Ueki Shop. One chance for lottery with 2 lottery tickets! We have a nice prize unique to Ueki City! The list of affiliated storesHere ※ Some stores are not handled

Exhibition of Ueki City History Panel

At the entrance of Ueki City, 5656 (Gorogoro) At Yanagadori near the hall, we will exhibit panel photographs where you can see the old "Mt. Fuji's planting city".There are valuable photos of Mr. Yoshio Takahashi who was a genuine Asakusa child who continued the picture of Asakusa in Showa, so please stop by! ※ Event contents may be changed
ueki2 ueki1 The festival day of the Asama Shrine is July 1st of the day of Mt. Fuji Mountain Opening, and the planting city, which is considered as the day of festival, will be held on the last Saturday and Sunday of May and June. In the city of Ueki, more than 350 stalls of planted trees line up, creating a crowd as an early summer festival. Faith in Mt. Fuji was popular all over the country and the Asama Shrine's recommendation and the organization of Fuji lecture were carried out throughout the country, and on June 1st the lunar calendar of Mt. Fuji, the people who can not visit Fuji were visited each local Asama Shrine It is said to have visited. 植木市_チラシ_表面 植木市_チラシ_裏面l 6植木市2 IMG_1313 IMG_1332

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