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Asakusa Instant Photo Contest
【Application period / theme for FY 2018】
May 14, 2018 (Monday) - Thursday April 30, 2019 23: 59
1) The first bulletin (Theme "Three Company Festival"): May 14 (Mon) - May 31 (Thu) 23: 59
As for the theme "Sansha Festival" it will be co-hosted with Asakusa Shrine Council
2) 2nd bullet (theme "Asakusa in summer"): June 1 (Fri) to August 31 (Fri) 23: 59
3) The third volume (theme "Asakusa in autumn"): September 1 (Fri) - November 30 (Fri) 23: 59
4) Fourth bulletin (theme "Asakusa in winter"): December 1 (Sat) - February 28 (Thu) 23: 59
5) Fifth series (Theme "Spring Asakusa"): March 1st (Fri) ~ April 30th (Tue) 23: 59
Present the following items for each theme in each period
1) Kinryuyama Sensoji Temple Figure (Picture Roll): 5 people (total 25 people)
2) Asakusa Sankai (Mai Kinryu · Mai Shirasagi · Mai Fukuju) Colored Painting: 3 people (total of 15 people)
3) Official reader of Three Company Festival: 5 people (Theme "Three Company Festival" only)

【Application condition】
During the application period, you will follow the Asakusa Tourism Federation Official Instagram Account "@amazing_asakusa", who will post to Instagram with a hash tag "#asakusapcon" attached to the photographed photo.
* If the account to be applied is a private account, the application will be invalid.
* Deleting the photo you posted or deleting the follow up of the official Instagram account of the Asakusa Tourism Federation will also invalidate the application.
* Entry is possible in any country, but we will limit shipping of prizes to Japan.
* If the applicant turns out to be a gang member, a gangster official, or other antisocial forces, the application will be invalid.
* In the case of a naked or violent scene with a tattoo in a picture to be applied, please delete the application and delete it.
【Application method】
1. Follow Asakusa Tourist Federation Official Instagram Account "@amazing_asakusa".
2. Add "#asakusapcon" to the picture, and post it to Instagram.
※ You can apply for any number of times.
[About the work posted]
As for photos posted, we may introduce it on the WEB site managed by the Asakusa Tourism Federation, SNS account, etc.Please understand in advance.
【Examination method】
From the entered work, I will contact you with the number of many "Like"! As a prize and via Instagram's direct message in that period.
【Winning Guide】
We will contact you from the official Instagram account of the Asakusa Tourism Federation after the period by Instagram direct message.For those who won the prize, please check the contents of the message, access the URL listed in the message, and then register the shipping destination of the attachment of the photograph and the prize.The winning will be confirmed when it is confirmed that there is no problem with the contents you registered.
The registration period is stated in the message.Please note that winning will be invalid if it passes.
* If the photograph that you applied is not related to Asakusa, the prize will be invalid.
※ The Asakusa Tourism Federation Official Instagram and other Asakusa Tourism Federation Official SNS Account etc. may also announce prize winning works.When announcing, I will introduce the work with the account name (@ ●●●) of the person who applied for it.
【Prize shipping】
Prizes will be shipped by courier after the end of the photo contest period.Those who can not deliver by mistake in the address or those who did not receive it will consider that we abandoned the prize reception and will disable the winning prize.Please be careful.
※ prize shipping is after each theme period
Application agreement
Those who applied will acknowledge the following matters and will consider it as an application.
【About the photo contest】
· This contest is not related to Instagram Corporation.
· This contest is a campaign organized by the Asakusa Tourism Federation (hereinafter referred to as the Federation).
· This contest may be canceled or suspended without notice in advance.
※ Because of emergency maintenance of the system, due to system malfunction, due to fire / blackout / natural disasters, when judging that you should suspend / discontinue operation
【About application】
· Expenses such as communication and connection expenses involved in the application will be borne by those who apply.
· Depending on the environment of your smartphone, you may not be able to apply.
· Depending on the environment settings and environment of your smartphone application, applications may not be available.
· For details on setting and using smartphone, please contact each telecommunications carrier.
· Please contact the application provider for setting and using the Instagram application to be used in the application.
· Entry is possible in any country, but shipment of prizes is limited to Japan.
· Depending on the congestion state of the server, applications may not be available.
· If you are an underage applicant, please apply after obtaining the consent of parents.
【About posts posted】
· Pictures posted may be posted on this campaign site.

Thank you from the WEB site.: Http: // e - / contact
Reception period: May 14, 2018 to the end of April 2019
· The posted photo / illustration may be introduced by WEB site managed by the Federation, SNS account, other promotional materials.In doing so, we will contact you directly with the Instagram account you applied for.
【Invalidity of application】
If it applies to the following, the application will be invalid.
· When judging that the Federation is inappropriate in the photographs and texts you submitted.
· When deleting photo / illustration that you applied.
· You have set your account as private.
· Asakusa Tourist Federation Official Instagram If you forget to follow your account.
· For purposes of advertisement promotion or when the Federation determines that it is a malicious post.
· The applicant is found to be a gang member, a gangster official, or other antisocial forces.
* Inquiries about the validity / invalidity of the application can not be answered.
* Please also check the application requirements.
【About the handling of personal information】
· Information we received from contact form will be used for shipping prizes.
· If you can confirm the prize shipment, we will discard it after a certain period of time.
· When using Instagram please comply with these Terms of Service and Instagram's terms and conditions.
· The Federation assumes no responsibility if there is infringement of the right of a third party such as portrait right in the posted photo.If you have a person in the work, please get permission from the subject and the photographer before posting.Applicants should use this site at your own risk and post your work.In cases where the Federation or a third party receives complaints or the like due to the work of the applicant, applicants may be required to pay the expenses required for resolving such complaints.
· For those who belong to the entertainment office etc., please consult with the office in advance and submit it after obtaining consent to application requirements and permission to apply.In the unlikely event that there is an inquiry after publication, the Federation is not responsible.
· Others (copyright infringement, sales activities or images for profit, images with political activities, images with religious activities, images leading to crime, images contrary to public order and morals, images that make the viewer uncomfortable, etc. Please do not post.
· The Federation is not responsible for any loss, liability, damage, expenses or other complaints that occurred during the contest entry.
· The Federation shall not be responsible for any losses, liabilities, damage, expenses, or other complaints resulting from the entry or winning of this contest.
· The application period and prize content may change due to the unavoidable circumstances of the Federation.
· You can change the contents of these Terms of Use at any time without obtaining the consent of applicants of this Contest.Regardless of the method after the change, this agreement shall take effect as of the date of publication by the Federation.
· You can not transfer the winning rights to another person.
· Winning confirmation can not be done.
· Dispatch of prizes will be limited to Japan.
· Information entered from the contact form can not be changed in the middle.
· Please do not exchange or convert the prize to cash.
· If you can not deliver by mistake in address or those who did not receive it, we regard the prize receipt abandoned and we will invalidate the winning prize.
· Prizes may be changed without notice.
· The Federation is not responsible for any damage caused by the entry by the applicant in this photo contest.
· In the event that the user of this Photo Contest violates these Terms, or in connection with the use of this Photo Contest, damages the Federation and other users or other third parties, Shall be resolved at their own risk and expense and shall not cause any inconvenience to our Federation.
· The interpretation and operation of these Terms of Service shall be governed by Japanese law.Disputes concerning the use of this Photo Contest and this Agreement shall be the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court for the first instance unless otherwise agreed.
This photo contest will be a campaign utilizing "Instagram".We will not be responsible for any damages caused by interruption or cancellation of campaign management caused by the operating environment of the application related to Instagram.
【Recommended environment for this website】
【Windows】 Windows 7 or later Internet Explorer 9.0 or later, Google Chrome latest version, Firefox latest version
【Mac】 Mac OS 10.6 or later Safari latest version, Google Chrome latest version, Firefox latest version
[Smartphone] iOS 6.0 or later, Android 4.0 or later
【Contact Information】
Thank you from the WEB site.

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