Fan Tossing Competition on March 31, 2018.


Fan Tossing Competition on March 31, 2018.

A gathering of beautiful playful "casting and throwing up"
I will deliver this traditional game to the future generations forever.
It is a rare opportunity to experience the launch.
Ya Kaikai will be held in a fanfold.

Date and time March 31 (Sat) Heisei 11, from 17:30 pm
Venue Asakusa Cultural Tourism Center (Kaminari gate front) 5F, 6F, 7F

Those who want to experience
Asakusa Culture and Tourism Center 1F will be accepted from 11:00 on that day.
Please mention "Advance firing experience experience" from advance form as advance application.
Participation fee 1,000 yen Please pay at the reception desk.
From 12 o'clock on the 6 th floor, you can see the model game of Sujukuro, casting pot, dance "Mai dance".
The throwing experience is on the 7th floor and the start is at 13:15.
Please mention "Advance firing experience experience" from advance form as advance application.


Time schedule of the day
11:30 Opening Ceremony
12: 00 Dance "Mai in Spring" (Asakusa Geiko)
12: 30 Masayoshi "Konto" (Asakusa Geiko)
12: 50 throwing fans "special game"
13:00 Returning the winning cup "The 36th Winner (Individual / Organization)"
13: 15 Fan Jing Racing Games "Individual warfare / group fighting"
16: 35 Individual warfare / group battle semifinals / final (6F)
17: 10 Award ceremony · Closing ceremony

We are looking for participants in the fighting event competition individual fighting department.
Twenty people with experience
Competition participation fee: \ 5,000 (with souvenir)
Please sign up as "Fun Joining Competition Application" from this form.

Contact Asakusa Tourism Federation Telephone 03-3844-1221 FAX 03-3844-1330


The outburst of events
What became the prototype of the throwing festival is the casting (Touko), China is the empowerment of the imperial court of the Han era.I entered the Nara period in Japan.Although it was forgotten for a long time, it was rebuilt once in the Edo period, but because the rules are quite difficult and stiff, it is also easier to arrange in Japanese style in the Edo period, easy for women kids, everyone who has drunk When it was invented in Kyoto that can be done, this became very popular, and it came to be actively performed in the seat of a spree.
The idea of ​​throwing embellishment seems to be due to the butterfly stopping on a wooden pillow and stopping it by throwing a fan and staying in a good condition on the pillow.This is expressed in the shape of the throwing-in-and-out tool as it is.I get inspired from such a casual sight of such everyday, sublime it as a substitute for playing as a casting pot and still be popular among people, expressing the freedom and openness of the pop culture of the Edo period indeed An example.
In Asakusa, it is also actively being carried out in Hanayashiba's Odaibashi etc., and the thing that did this in Senso-ji Temple's premises was a prohibition from the Edo shogunate as to whether it was surprising enough There is also.

Rule of throwing
In a nutshell, I just throw a fan, but it is not a thing to just throw and drop a butterfly shape, but the score is determined by the type of positional relationship between a fan and a butterfly.Of course, those with a high degree of difficulty of reproduction will be high scores.There is an inscription on the type, and it has the name of 54 volumes of the Genji Monogatari.
There seems to be a trick in various ways of throwing a fan, it is useless to put too much power.A penalty can be taken if you hit the pillow or knock it down.Reading the wind and manipulating the fans elegantly is a master.
Although it is very simple, it is up to the person to sense impermanence and elegance there.It seems to be a fun game that's pretty crazy.


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