From Asakusa Geisha dance [free] 2017 spring / summer

Have a seat-mounted dance of the shallow grass Geisha
Date: 4/1 8th & 22nd, 6/3, 10, 17 and 24, 7/1 15,
Time: 1 13:00~13:30 2 14:30~15:00
Venue: multi-purpose Taito Ward Asakusa cultural tourism Center 6th floor space
Capacity: 85 seats and standing room only about 30 persons
Cost: free to 10:00 at Asakusa tourist information center on the first floor tickets distributed in part 1 and part 2
To assist with special guests for every day practice of dancing, singing and shamisen, Taiko, drum, flute. And every night in the parlor is off it's Asakusa Geisha.
Watching the dance, parlor play experience, can shoot pictures together. From Asakusa Geisha dance the guests from abroad is very popular.



Private dance flyer download here.20170228 Japanese dance spring flyer

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    Today there are many people taking pictures of che…

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