EDO IKI NIGHT A boat trip that touches the culture of the Edo period in Asakusa…


Atmosphere as if you were back in time during the Edo period!

In the Edo period, you can touch the culture of the Edo period that is the heart of the townsman culture in Asakusa.
We offer various nighttime services where you can experience history and culture while having fun.

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The atmosphere as if time slipped in the Edo period (17-19 Century)

During the Edo period, you can get in touch with the culture of the Edo period (17-19 Century) in Asakusa, which was the center of the popular culture.
We offer a variety of night-time services that let you experience history and culture while having fun.

Furisode Girls and Edo Waterway Experience Tour

FURISODEgirls and Edo Waterway Experience Tour

A town in Asakusa with an Edo atmosphere
Why don't you enjoy Asakusa from different angles on Asakusa from the top of the Sumida River with Kimono Sleeve Girls?

Asakusa Pleasure Boat Tour with Kimono Girls

Schedule 9/27 (Fri), 10/4 (Fri), 10/5 (Sat), 10/12 (Sat), 10/19 (Sat), 10/25 (Fri), 10/26 (Sat), 11/15 (Fri), 11/16 (Sat)

Departure time 1st flight 18:30 2nd flight 19:30

Boarding time 40 minutes around Asakusa

Fee 3,800 yen (with welcome drink)

Meeting place TOKYO CRUISE Asakusa water bus stop

1-1-1 Hanagawato, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Since there is a capacity, please make a reservation in advance.

Tel: 03-3841-7170


A city of Asakusa leaving an atmosphere of Edo era
Why don’ t you enjoy Asakusa from the top of the Sumida River on a pleasure boat and enjoy Asakusa from a different angle with the Furisodegrils?

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Asakusa Evening Cruise with the Furisode Girls

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Date: Sep. 27 (Fri.), Oct. 4 (Fri.) Oct. 5 (Sat.) Oct. 12 (Sat.) Oct. 19 (Sat.) Oct. 25 (Fri.) Oct. 26 (Sat .)

Departure Time: 1st 6:30 PM nd 2nd 7:30 PM

* Boarding starts 5 minutes prior to departure

Cruising Time: Approximately 40 minutes

Price: ¥ 3,800 (including welcome drink)

Port: TOKYO CRUISE Asakusa Waterbus Boarding Port (1-1-1, Hanakawado, Taito City, Tokyo)

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Please make reservations in advance.

Tel: 81-3-3841-7170


Additional information:

  • A welcome drink will be served to each passenger
  • Additional drinks such as beer, highballs, and traditional Japanese sake will be sold separately during the cruise
  • Bottles of wine and champagne are also available for purchase on the boat
  • Snacks such as nuts, etc. are included with the purchase of above-mentioned beverages and are also available for purchase individually
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