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There are nine shrines and temples in Asakusa sightseeing seven lucky gods."Nine defines the number, one changes, changing seventh, seven and making it nine.It is derived from the ancestor that the nine are pigeons and have meaning to be gathered, and also the top and bottom of heaven and earth, easily expressing yang.
In Asakusa, which has an old history, there are famous marks in various places around Kannon's precincts.Those who are doing the Asakusa Shichibuki god please also ask these famous marks on the way and ask for the image of Edo culture.


It is a powerful guardian deity of demonic divination in Mahakala God in ancient India.As it spreads to Japan in Buddhism, it became worshiped as a god of god who pays a demon on the one hand and on the other hand as a god of kitchen which controls food.
As you can see, in the old days I had two sides of the Fukujin and the army gods, but in the Muromachi era, gradually the Japanese readings of "Okuoku" and "Daigoku" gradually became Japan It became to be traced to the power of the powerful count which is counted as a traditional god of men (Omnibus mushroom).
And as faith became popularized, the great guardian deity of the great country was added to the guardian deity of the old kitchen, and it was widespread as a god of food and treasure, and the character of the gods deceased weakened and it reached today as a god of Fukutoku It is.

Sensoji temple

Ebisu God is the only god born in Japan among the Seven Lucky Gods.As a god of grace from the ocean, a fishery that brings a big catch, among the rustic birth of Japanese faith, I have gathered the respect for those who pray for invitation and fortune for a long time.

Asakusa Shrine

Bishamonten is Bishurabana of ancient India.It is also called "Takkyuten" since he always kept the dojo of the Buddha and heard the method well.It is normal to wear a yellow armor on the body, have a treasure tower on the left hand, a hologram or a treasure stick on the right hand, and step on evil with the form of anger.
The treasure tower on the left is the virtue which brings blessings, the floor of the right hand is the god who gives treasures and gives courage and determination to the heart from the point of showing evil that pays evil and demon, and gifts and spirits together.

Buddha mountain holy weather

Imoto Shrine

Shiina Shrine

Fukuokushi is a gentle appearance of a gray hair face, age is said to be several thousand years, as a god of love that gives three love of fulfillment: Fuku (happiness) and Luke (stability of life and economy) and Long life (long life in health) We are collecting people's respect.

Hotei Buddhist was a Zen priest who existed in China in the back train of China (early 10th century), and said the name as a contract.
Always smiling and looking Appearance Fascinating, body hypertrophy, wearing coarse clothes make you feel the size of a person who does not adhere to things.
Always traveling around the country on the shoulder seeking a clothes bag, playing with the child, evil spirit, no worries, there is no fear, the body does not get wet even when sleeping in heavy snow, sometimes people forecasting sunny weather and uchida It is said that he gathered the respect of the respect of.
I believe that the gods were incarnations of Miroku Bodhisattva, when they were lost in Sadako Mimaki 3 (917), they said that they believed and believed in the image width.

Real Estate

It is said that the god of Taoism, an ancestor of the Taoism that has been transmitted to China since ancient times, is said to be sanctified. This god is said to be the incarnation of the Antarctic star, a figure with a cane wearing scrolls with long white hair and longevity written with longevity is drawn I will.In addition, there are times when we are leaving the 2,000 year old Xuanwu.

Benzaitten, the only lady in the Seven Lucky Gods, is a goddess of a rich river named Saraspati of ancient India and is said to have the wisdom, arts and the gifts of property.In particular it is believed there is a virtue that turns a bad voice into a beautiful voice like the babbling of a river, and an alias is also called "phantom heaven".

Yoshihara Shrine

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