Inside Asakusa sightseeing tours starts from induction to the General participants Sumida River upstream

Loose back go to Deep Asakusa.

Edo shotaro ikenami who loved humanity here and 一般チラシ1P Thunder gate, sensoji Temple, Asakusa Nakamise Street represented. Asakusa STA. back hit the north side of the Senso-ji Temple, now is buzz and secretly. At the back overlooking the Sumidagawa East Asakusa, Senso-ji Temple, said well feel the kototoi-Dori North area, as well as a site of Edo Kabuki tridentate, yoshiwara and numerous temples and shrines are dotted with history and romance. After the Meiji Restoration due to the switch to Western shoes, also became a land of leather industry. Attracting attention as a source of not only traditional cafes and restaurants with the opening of a retro-modern information. Once again the Asakusa with Yukari "will be held tour on the theme of hardboiled world. [Tour content] Date and time 1. the annual 2/22/2017 (Wednesday) 10:30-14:30 2. the annual 2/23/2017 (Thursday) 10:30-14:30 Target In the Asakusa back interest of or without the purport of this tour please sense The questionnaire to help the general public who solved Collection Ami Qing Pier 10:30 (respect) (Tokyo, Taito-ku, Thunder Gate 2-20-12) Free of charge Each first 15 (total 30 people) * capacity soon, will call for closing. * Subject to change depending on weather conditions on the day of the program. Application deadlines (served) 2/15 (water) Results will contact on the deadline day. Registration / contact us Will be accepted by phone or fax. Inside Asakusa Tourism Partnership Council Secretariat [co., Ltd. ad interface] Tel: 03 (3839) 5229 5709 fax: 03 (3837) あみ清 Root Departure 10:30 ①OKAWABASHI( AZUMABASHI) Okawa (Azuma bridge) Okawa (Azuma bridge) / 0/1774 (1774), and the six townspeople cross-linked with approval of the Edo shogunate. Azuma bridge except the construction by the shogunate, and yotsuhashi in both countries, eitai, Azuma, Shin-Ohashi in Sumidagawa of Edo was one. Name leads to the East from the Edo period, or to the East of Edo means East bridge from the preferred notation ya Azuma-Bashi. 0/1876 (1876), officially "Azuma-Bashi". ⇩ ②SANYABORI HIROBA Valley trench square, Tokyo, Taito-ku, Asakusa 7-1-22 5666 A square in the northern part of the Valley Plaza / Sumida Park. Hit the target flow Asakusa Yabusame in the Edo period was the Asakusa shrine's new year's concerts are held at Sumida Park, Valley trench square, once pulled grass 射術 practice, resemble deer, and made Kusaka (kusajishi) will take place. ⇩ ③MATSUCHIYAMA SHOUDEN Rushan holy days 5678 Waiting for milk mountain Holy heaven and worshipping the Holy heaven like that. The silence in the lively Asakusa I don't think, is called a strong power spot. To and fro in the precinct, DrawString with daikon radish, a symbol of the wait for breast mountains Holy heaven adorned as a carving or painting. Helps get rid of poisons in the body and illness and then place the daikon has connotations we purified himself. Represents a gold bag purse, thriving business in the hope many people are offering to come. ⇩ ④CHOSHO JI OSA-ji Temple 5690 ⇩ ⑤HONSHO JI Temple of nature 5701 ⇩ ⑥MYOUKIDUKA(ASAJIGAHARA) Mt. Myoko (lit) 5649 Located in a small park called Acme Mt. / strange kamezuka Park mound. This is mounted in the legend of the nun's famous song "Sumidagawa" strange turtle and its child Umewaka elevated mound in the stupa monument stands, is provided in the ruins of the city. Mt. Myoko is the name associated with the legend of Umewaka. ⇩ ⑦OBAKEJIZO(SOUSEN JI/SHOUGIN JI) Haunted jizo (total fountain Temple, singing pines-ji Temple) 5712 Edo known as hiraga gennai Tomb / elekiter (friction machine) restore production and was active in the late inventor and hiraga gennai's grave. Then total fountain Temple moved azusawa, Itabashi-Ku, and was buried in the total Temple here where he died in prison in the kodenma-Cho, 0/1779 (1779) to cause bloodshed here remains grave, and overlook the earthen wall by Matsudaira asked Hisashi (former Takamatsu clan head) 0/1931 0/1943 designated national historic site. ⇩ ⑧TAMAHIMEINARI JINJYA Princess Inari Jinja shrine 5955パンダバス ⇩ ICHIMON (meal) break Asakusa Ichimon bekkan_top ⇩ ⑨YOSHIWARAOMON Yoshihara daimon 5963 The gate had been installed at the entrance of yoshiwara yoshiwara daimon and shogunate official brothels in ruins. Became the iron gate at the Meiji era was a painted arched gate (wooden) during the Edo period, but, in 1911, and burned down in the great fire and was demolished after the great Kanto earthquake. ⇩ ⑩YOSHIWARA JINJYA Yoshihara shrine 5742 ⇩ ⑪YOSHIWARA BENZAITEN Yoshihara Sarasvati 5964 ⇩ ⑫ JINJYA BED Asama shrine 57245726 Based on the faith in the Mt. Fuji Sengen shrine and to enshrine a "wooden wood Hanasaki lives in Maya Princess statue" as an object of worship at the shrine was. Zolpidem is unknown until the early Edo period 0/1671 (1671) was enshrined as is. As a holy place of Fuji worship involves Asakusa terako-tinkering School of hospital management under the cult of Shugendo during the Edo period, Edo, gathered around the 富士講 lectures of their admiration. Dissolution 14:30 (planned) 奥浅草Map 奥浅草ツアー順路

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    Asakusa today.Many people are here in spite of the…

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